Mission and Goals

It is the goal of the Asbury Park Public Library to appropriately, creatively, and economically utilize established, new, and emerging information technologies to: Enable community members to participate fully and share equitably in the benefits of the information revolution; Provide the resources, opportunity, and means for users to gain access to a broad range of traditional and technology-based services to meet their informational and recreational needs and life-long learning objectives; To help library staff members do their work more effectively and efficiently and provide better, more cost-effective services to the public; To take advantage of existing and proposed networks and electronic linkages among libraries and other agencies to bring information resources and services to the library’s customers and staff and enable the library to communicate, interact, contribute, and participate in the wider developing and expanding electronic communities in the state, nation, and the world; Cooperate with other departments and agencies of municipal government in the development of public information services and contribute the library’s special knowledge and expertise to the city’s efforts to implement internet and web-based services to improve municipal government performance and better serve residents.